1. Under 12’s need to be accompanied by an adult (Rolling or NON Rolling)
  2. Skate in one direction
  3. No holding hands
  4. if you fall, fall forwards
  5. if you are injured or see anyone injured, inform a Rink Ranger
  6. Do not crawl to the edge of the rink or barrier
  7. Do not crash into barriers
  8. No long scarves, jewellery or jackets
  9. No chewing gum
  10. No drinking or eating on the rink
  11. No smoking
  12. No texting while rolling
  13. No pushing or shoving others


We aim to create a fun and safe environment to roll and have fun with family and friends.

The sessions are open to everyone regardless of ability.

Our staff are welcoming and very helpful.

Everyone wishing to roll will be issued a pair of hire skates or a swegway board. Customers wishing to use their own equipment can do so, if deemed safe for our venues.

We supply protective wear – Pads and wrist protectors. If you choose not to wear them, Razza Roller Disco Ltd will not be liable for any injuries.

You will be required to remove your skates or hop off your swegway if you wish to leave the rink for a toilet break or to purchase drinks and food. These must be consumed outside of the rink area.

You must NOT trip or push anyone.

Any behaviour deemed dangerous or unfair will be dealt with by the Razza team.

No guests will be able to participate if they are wearing unsuitable attire.

You must not chew gum whilst rolling.

The management, rink rangers and crew of Razza Roller Disco Ltd reserve the right to refuse entry and or remove any guest behaving to the detriment of others.

The Management

Razza Roller Disco Ltd