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cropped-razza-wordpressbanner6.png Razza was formed by former British Artistic Roller Dance Champion Gary Newley.

cropped-razza-wordpressbanner6.png Razza is the leading and largest mobile roller disco organisation in the UK.

cropped-razza-wordpressbanner6.png We deliver and pride ourselves upon our excellent, faultless customer service and attention to detail when arranging all events.

cropped-razza-wordpressbanner6.png We have a range of weekly Roller and Swegway events at various venues, as well as Skate lessons, running throughout the South East.

cropped-razza-wordpressbanner6.png We cater for any size, from small private parties, fund raising events, Hen and Stag parties to large corporate entertainment, including festivals and outdoor rolling activities.

cropped-razza-wordpressbanner6.png All our weekly roller events are suitable for wheelchair users to enjoy.

cropped-razza-wordpressbanner6.png With experienced Skate Rangers on hand at every event, our roller discos are safe and fun for everyone.


Keep Rollin with RAZZA….



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